Building Together

Once you choose to invest in a partnership with Blue Duck Wealth Management, you will gain access to our exclusive investing and marketing tools that keep up with evolving markets. The tools and systems we provide are designed to assist you in building strong relationships with your clients, all while maintaining their best interest. Take flight with one or all of our first-class services.

HCM BuyLine®

Strive to protect assets from major market declines. This non-emotional, reactive indicator signals when to be in or out of equity markets, all while participating in the upside of the market.


401k Optimizer®

Automate 401(k) allocations with ease. Dalbar certified, the online tool is personalized to the individuals investing risk tolerance and helps investors keep a close eye on their retirement investments. The system includes protection with the HCM-BuyLine®.


Help Federal Government employees and civil service workers better understand their retirement benefits with this educational marketing system.



Federal employees too, can automate TSP allocations with ease. The system operates like the 401(k) Optimizer and includes the same features.


The Optimized Advisor

The Optimized Advisor, LLC is a members-only group of professional advisors who are focused on achieving business growth through niche marketing campaigns.



We offer you full service compliance. With years of experience, our group of advisors help keep your ducks in a row, so you can keep your attention on your clients.

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