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"Most real life learning comes from experience… leverage it!"

This mandate is the simplicity of mentoring and coaching. In the financial world, we predictably use mentoring as a marketing tool as well as a product feature. Mentoring is simply leveraging the experience of those who have more failure than success, so your clients are not at the mercy of your experience only. Both the mentor coach and the "student" must be humble, teachable, and genuinely care about growth. At the core of the relationship, is accountability and often the stumbling block to progress.

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Frank's Story

"Imagine being in practice for a few years and also being really good at a number of financial planning pieces. Now, imagine not making as much money as you want or as you know you are capable of making. That is just the beginning of what it looked and felt like to be me a few years ago. I had been to all the marketing seminars and bought the packages. I did the dinner workshops and trained for a year as a trusted advisor. I am good with people, teachable, and extremely motivated. But the end result was still not predictable and not much more profitable than prior to the thousands of dollars and hours spent in attempt to reach my goals. Most, if not all of the input, was on the marketing side from folks who were not making a full time living doing what they were teaching. Then I was introduced to my first mentor, coach, and business guide.

The first thing I noticed was he was interested in my success and not in selling me a program. He took the time to get to know me and help me identify my passion and my strengths. His time was valuable, because his questions held a mirror for me to use in analyzing what worked for me and what didn't. In my case, he happened to be a business coach, as well as a personal development mentor. The second thing I noticed was that the clearer my passion, goals, and vision became, the simpler the plan became. With a simpler the plan of action, the easier it was to implement and results were quick to follow.

You may have already done and or are doing the work associated with a mentor relationship. If so, good on ya! However, if you are teachable, motivated, and want more from your business, and maybe from your personal life, we have a mentor/coach platform for you.

Visualize yourself in a year or two from now having a business that reflects your values, goals, and passion built on a path that is clear, dependable, and ongoing. Now, envision telling stories about making a difference in the lives of your clients and not mentioning the money. This is what we strive to help you as a person and advisor achieve."

Frank Akridge, CFP, Mentor of Blue Duck Wealth Management.

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